When you enter his sewer lair you have to dodge quite a few piles of old computer parts. As you manuevre through the piles of maps, musky books and strange objects you see a hunched character crouching over an impressive array of computers in the corner. As he shivels his chair toward you, his hunchback becomes immediatly noticeable, as well as the deformities shared by the rest of his clan. Somehow he has retained most of his black hair and most of his face is covered by strange, dark sunglasses, even though you can hardly see in the pitch-dark of the sewers yourself.

As he crawls out of his chair you can hear bones snap into place in his deformed body. When he finally pulls himself up to his full height you suddenly feel dwarfed by this humongous monster. He stretches his taloned hand with long yellowed fingernails towards you. Suddenly he shakes your hand with unexpected vigor as you see a smile appearing on the corner of his mouth.

“Sneakers” he suddenly says, “nice to finally see you in person. You know, you really have a bad taste in music…and women according to your recent internet history. Good thing I’m here to save all that valuable information from prying eyes, eh?”



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