Daniëlle Gillespie


A dark skinned woman approaches you. What at first appeared to be a mundane outfit soon reveals itself to be carefully selected for optimum effect. As she stares at you the disdain felt for you and your shabby appearance becomes almost tangible. In her hands is a beautifully carved lighter which she flicks casually on and off. In an almost catlike manner she approaches you, her appearance so lifelike you would almost believe her to be a mortal. You notice a peculiar pleasant smell and with a shock you realise she has parfumed herself from head to toe with pheromones. Even in an undead state you can feel the effect taking you over.

“Welcome to the festival. Enjoy your stay and may we enjoy the taste of you for much longer”

In a daze you suddenly feel the wooden stake driven into your heart by her companion while she distracted you. “Now don’t give up too fast, we have many thirsty guests tonight. It would simply not do to dissapoint them.” The last thing you remember is her fangs closing in on your throat before darkness overtakes you.


elder of Clan Toreador

sorta melted….

Daniëlle Gillespie

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