Sakuraba Natsumi


With nothing to do you go out on a regular Friday night. Walking around the streets and passing bars you realize there is this… scent, a fragrance light and sweet, starting to surround you. But when you look around, you see nothing in particuler.
You walk on, not paying attention to the mysterious fragrance. You walk in a bar, and order a beer. But suddenly something says you musn’t! So you dicline the beer and pass it to someone next to you. When you finally enjoy a non-alcoholic drink, you suddenly realize you smell the sweet, mysterious fragrance again. You look around, and sitting alone at a table, there is a Asian women. She looks up and you feel startled, for the her eyes are a aquamarine color, which is very rare among Asian people. She smiles at you and you feel bewitched while smiling back.
As she walks towards you, you can not help but to look at her long, slender legs, coming under a tight skirt. While you keep looking at her everything in your head screams, this is it! The woman of your dreams! You notice by the way she looks you’re staring at her and feel a smooth, silky hand on yours. You start rambling about anything you can think of and she chuckles. Even her laugh is cute! You talk a little more and you see every minute she comes a little closer. You fall silent when you look into her eyes. A lock of hair fals over her face, and you gently brush it away. Her black hair shines blue in the dim light while you keep staring at her eyes.
Her gaze, fixed on you, her lips slightly apart, and her skin shining like ivory. Like an exotic Angel she sits in front of you, with her long legs folded over each other, touching yours ever so slighly. You lean forward and slowly close your eyes. Before they are fully closed you see her smile turning into a grin when coming closer to yours. ‘Breathe,’ she whispers in you ear, and all your exitement comes out in one breath when you hear her clear, crystal like voice.
When you lean forward to kiss her lips you feel shivers down your spine. You try to catch a breath but it feels like your lungs refuse function. The shivers get worse and worse untill you feel like you are going to freeze, and then all around you turns into a blur and you pass out.
When you wake up your head hurts, and you shiver like you have slept in the snow. You scratch your head when you tried to remember what happened. But all you can think of now is a hot shower.
When you walk home you smell a mysterious, sweet fragrance. You stop and look around. No one. You shrug your shoulder and head of home.


Still thinking how to explain how a Kuei-jin came to Holland…

Sakuraba Natsumi

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