Ninna Grimaldi


Ninna’s a skinny girl with pale skin and long, curly black hair. She has calm, dreamy blue eyes. Ninna has a scar on her back, on her right shoulderblade, that reads O heart N 4ev, although it is so clumsily ‘written’ that it doesn’t really look like it was carved in entirely voluntarily.

Ninna’s a lasombra shadow mage. And she’s good at torture.


In mortal life, Ninna Grimaldi and Ollivandra Veenstra were lovers when they went to International Boarding School Eerde together as teenagers. She was sent there by her parents to receive proper education for what was always referred to as her “servitude years”, the details of which were not revealed to her till her fourteenth birthday when she first received the blood of her family’s Keepers.
Ninna’s parents were rich artists and Ninna didn’t give much about clothing and status at school, in contrary to Ollivandra. They met each other as enemies, for Ollivandra’s social status — with rich parents that had raised her well in terms of fashion and who is simply better than who — didn’t have place for someone like Ninna — generally referred to as “that gothic chick” by the generally rich and snobby kids at Eerde, for she was a thin, pale girl with long curly black hair and wore black clothes.

Over time Ninna and Olli developed a relationship that Olli herself found hard to accept. As her feelings for Olli frew, she decided to include her in the plans that her family had laid out for her. Although her decision were first opposed by her family, one of the Keepers decided that converting this rebel to their cause would be the perfect test of Ninna’s abilities. Ninna knew that to build someone up, they first had to be torn down.
When Olli’s friends found out her status at Eerde was ruined and she found that her co-students’ fear of her changed from one afraid of social repercussions to physical fear of getting punched in the noggin’. When she finally came to terms with her relationship with Ninna, facing the fact that Ninna was the only one who still supported her at Eerde, her parents flipped out about it, exactly as Ninna had planned all along. Olli ran away during christmas and made way to visit Ninna in Deventer, but because of bad weather the trains weren’t going and Olli ended up in the forest, being embraced by a camarilla brujah. Olli kept away from Ninna and broke off contact, partially because she lived in Sabbat territory but primarily because Olli thought it’d be better and safer for Ninna to not find out her girlfriend turned into a vampire… Completely unaware of Ninna’s deep family ties to vampire life and the sabbat.

Ninna Grimaldi

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