Nicolas Schreck

member of the church of satan


a stylish old man who wears a black suit black blouse black shoes and a red tie
he has a limp and misses his right ear

on his jacket he has a sign of the wolf that means he is a member of the order of the wolf
a order of the church of Satan who believe that the wolf is a sacred being because the wolf
is a perfect example for survival of the fittest

Embraced by Anton le Vay the father of his wife Sheena who died in the Great cleanse,
the Cristian bastards found here and killed here where thy made me watch thanks to Le Vay and Alistair Crowley I escaped
they shipped me off to Apeldoorn because there was no one of the church left in NY they send me here to
keep the church alive …so to speak

in the years I mastered the language and lost the art of the American language

Nicolas Schreck

Apeldoorn by night Serion