Olli's sire


You hear a twig snap as you walk through the forest between Amersfoort and Apeldoorn and sharply turn your head.
“Hello?! I – I heard you, not very stealthy!” You hear your voice quiver as you shout. “C-come out, wherever you are!”
Suddenly a young woman jumps out of a tree right in front of you. Part of her looks like she’s been living in the forest for a long time but she also reminds you of a homeless person in the city; her ragged leather coat is dirty, her dark brown curls are messy, and there’s dirt all over her oversized, torn men’s shirt.
“Maybe if you heard me, I wasn’t trying to be stealthy,” she purrs. You take a step backward, and she chuckles. “Thank you.”
“W-w-what?” you stammer. Her smile broadens, and despite her dirty homeless looks there’s something charismatic about her.
“You taste better that way.”
You turn around and start to run, but it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re grabbed from behind. She turns you towards her and punches you in the face. When you cry out for help she starts to laugh as she punches you again.
“It’s too bad you aren’t good for anything more than a snack, with a bit more fightability you would’ve made a great sidekick,” she says, although she sounds like she’s babbling to herself rather than talking to you directly, as she continues to punch you until you lose consciousness.

The next day you wake up in the forest, every inch of your face hurting, but left with a feeling as though you’ve just had the best night of your life despite your bruised state. Utterly confused, you head on home, not sure whether you’ll want to avoid or seek out this part of the forest another night.

Lisa is a creature of violence and passion, not often held back by practical objections before acting. The masquerade is a chain and ball that she has to work around, because she loves to play with her prey and there is nothing she enjoys more than the taste of adrenaline. But she often senses who she can pump up to their limits without repercussion, and loves to hunt in the forest, where it’s kind of their own fault if they run into her traps, anyway. Lisa’s favourite thing in the world is hunting, sneaking and stalking; if not for prey, then for information or simply to hone her skills. Her patience is limitless when she’s playing the game of stealth, but when she’s bored with something or someone and her patience starts to flake into restlessness, oh — they’ll know.



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