Jess is relatively tall, standing at 180 cm and looks to be between 20-30 years old. She has light orangey hazel eyes, a pale face and a curvy, thin figure. Her sleek very dark brown hair is almost always tousled and scruffy. Jess isn’t very neat or pretty-looking, but neither is she butt-ugly; maybe if she tried harder she would look prettier. She doesn’t smell or look like she doesn’t know what a shower is, but more like she hasn’t seen one in the last week or more. As long as you don’t try to hug her (which is a bad idea in itself, anyway) you shouldn’t be too bothered by any smell.

Jess wears stained and torn faded jeans a few sizes too big, held together by a brown leather belt, and wears dirty black sneakers and a dark maroon top. When she goes out, she usually wears a long leather coat, which looks surprisingly clean compared to her other clothing.


Grew up in Amsterdam, embraced at age 26. Before that she and a couple of stray dogs she picked off the streets lived in a small apartment she could barely afford to upkeep. She never had a steady income or long-term job because she couldn’t manage not to get frustrated with every one of the minimum wage jobs she worked where her employers expected the world from her. Instead Jess resorted to hopping from job to job. She also ended up breaking into houses and stores, though only ever to sustain her and her dogs’ most basic needs.

Much of Jess’ time before the embrace was spent scouring through alleys at night or walking through the park, usually with her dogs in tow (and often sharing company and food with other strays). She was embraced one night (aproximately 10 years ago? she hasn’t been counting, and with a couple of snowless pissy winters in which she mostly kept to herself, she isn’t entirely sure how long it’s been.) when she was attacked in the park and managed to make her attacker lose a few teeth and run off; impressing a nearby gangrel that liked to observe her as she made her way through the alleys and parks at night.

The first thing she did was feed on her dogs, blinded by hunger and rage, and it took her some time to learn to control her inner beast, especially because her sire did not offer much help.

Jess’ full name is Jessica Doorn, but after she was embraced she severed all ties with her family and she never introduces herself as anything beyond ‘Jess’, keen to erase any memory of her parents and her mortal life.

After years of living in her small apartment alone with only limited contact with other kindred, plagued by the memories of her mortal life, Jess is sent to Apeldoorn to train; though she hasn’t got a clue what for just yet.

still a bit in the works, a less rough version may follow at some point. n _n’


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