Faye Dellamorte

A 22 year old girl who lived at the Medieval Court in England.


Once discovered her future sire Illiardro Dellamorte to be a Kindred he enslaves her and when reaching adulthood changed her and leaves her to her own fate. Refusing to feed she eventually goes in torpor, waking up 400 years later.

Faye is 1.75 m tall, aquamarine eyes and long brown hair.
She wears a simple courtmaid dress along with an elaborate overcoat and simple shoes.
Faye wears a simple elegant necklace and a slaves armband around her wrist.

She once possesed a melee weapon. A reasonable sized staff with on each end a blade. The staff can be held at her back via an intricate sheath system sewn into the overcoat. But somehow she lost the staff and has no knowledge if it will ever be recovered.

She loves art and anything related, could stare at it for hours.


Faye Dellamorte

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