Apeldoorn by night

Sessie 15 (Jan 19, 2012)

IRL datum: 21 maart 2014
IG datum: 19 januari 2012
Aanwezig: Harm-Jan (GM), Iris (Ollivandra), Noor (Syeira), Eelco ( R ), Danique (Nancy)
Geschreven door: Ollivandra Veenstra (Iris)

Another addition to the coterie

Syeira’s elder texted her to come over, so we got in the car – with R in the back, of course – and drove to her elder. Syeira went in first, so me and R waited there, probably looking really awkward and out of place together. Luckily it didn’t take more than 5 or so minutes before Syeira introduced us to another Ravnos who was new in town.

She introduced herself as Nancy. She looked more like a Ventrue, all business-like, but then again, when not in a state of being pissed off it’s not like I’m ye stereotype Brujah. She said she was part of clan Ravnos. Her employer sent her here. She worked in real estate, or so she claimed, anyway. I said it was wondrous that she’d be sent here, of all places, because I didn’t think that it was a great time to buy a house right now, with the stuff going on between Apeldoorn and Deventer.

We headed back to Syeira’s place where we’d be able to talk more freely between the four of us. Nancy’d stay with Syeira for a while to come. Syeira reminded me to find my own place, but as I’d just told Nancy, it wasn’t really a great time to buy a house. And renting, well, most houses I’d like to live in didn’t really come with an option to rent.

Back to revenge plans

We told Nancy most of what we’d told R before, plus some extra because she was new to the area. We explained about the princess, her history, the armour she wears and some other stuff, told her what the prince was called, and some other stuff. We also told her we had two running revenge affairs, and that my sire Lisa had offered to help us with mine when she got back in 5 days. Except we had to come up with a plan ourselves. Syeira’s revenge plan on Dana (which I really didn’t mind participating in either, because I had my own bones to pick with her) could wait a little more than mine with Ninna.

I told them we’d gone to the boarding school in Ommen together and that that’s where we met and fell in love. It might be a good place to lure her, because it’d sure come off more genuine than “oh hello, I know this place in Apeldoorn we could meet to make up…” We just needed to figure out what kind of territory Ommen was on, and of course what to do next. I knew I couldn’t take her alone.

R came with the idea to drug her in some way. I remembered the stuff she gave me the first time I visited her in Terwolde. Didn’t remember much of that night, and she gave it to me. Man, that stuff was good… Thinking about it, I really hoped we’d go with this plan. It would probably be better if I didn’t have any of it, but maybe I’d have just a little sip. Surely that wouldn’t hurt. We now needed to flesh out in what way to give what drug to her, and what we’d do with her next. And then, of course, all the other things such as who we’d bring, what roles they’d play, and who & what we might anticipate Ninna to bring…

Volgende sessie: Vrijdag 4 april



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