Apeldoorn by night

Sessie 13 (Jan 17-18, 2012)

IRL datum: 7 februari 2014
IG datum: 17 januari 2012
Aanwezig: Harm-Jan (GM), Iris (Ollivandra), Noor (Syeira), Eelco (Nicolas)
Geschreven door: Ollivandra Veenstra (Iris)

Tricking a ghost

Nicolas said he wanted to ask the big mean ghost for help. He said that he’d start the ritual to banish him from the house and stop at the last moment, telling the ghost he’d finish the ritual unless the ghost promised to help him beat the little kids he was about to face. Seemed tricky to me, knowing what that ghost could do, and what’s to say he’d honour his agreement? I didn’t quite thinking trusting some tortured evil-ass ghost was the best idea, but I’d help.

We went to the Nosferatu after, to pick up my phone.

The phone

We picked up my phone, and Anton said that the phone number was hard to trace. They’d traced it through various countries, most of which made sense in the bigger scheme of things, and it did trace back to Deventer. It traced back to a company, but it was on a list of companies that was hard to get to.

He also admitted that his loyalties didn’t allow him to look up what company it was (or something like that; he couldn’t do it for us.), which I thought to be suspicious.

Visiting the Prince

We went home after that, since it was late. The next evening, Syeira’d gotten a letter from the Prince. He asked Nicolas to visit him, and he asked the rest of the coterie to come along as witnesses. Didn’t take us long to guess what Nic needed seeing for.

We tried to get something out of this, if we’d not make Nic look bad. He seemed to almost give in at first, and offered to let me make him look bad in public because of what I’d said about leadership the other day. Whatever. I liked Syeira’s suggestion much better: That he wasn’t allowed to act like a dick to us anymore if we’d save his butt here. Better, she suggested that every time he acted like a dick, we could cut off his dick and feed it to him.

Nicolas thought long about it, and I really thought he’d do it, but he said no. He said we’d just have to be honest. Well, I suppose if you think you’re the greatest guy in the world, you wouldn’t mind anyone being honest about you.

There’s a time for flowering things up & a time for honesty

We went straight to the Prince’s office when we got to the elysium. He said that he couldn’t have a clanless kindred running around, and asked for an explanation. Nic gave his, and Syeira’s was quite nice. I guess in the end, Nic knew this’d happen, and that’s why he didn’t make any agreements.

He asked me, then. I frowned. I hesitated. But I needed to tell the truth. No flowering things up to make them look better. I said I thought that he thought he knew what he was doing and that he thought he was doing the right thing, but that 90% of the time, he didn’t have a clue. Ignorance.

The Prince asked Nic what he should do now. What Nic thought he should do. Nic started about the undercover thing again, and the Prince accepted it. Syeira would be his contact person (just as well; with me, our contact moments’d probably end up in discussions of half an hour, after which we’d realise we hadn’t actually shared the important information yet). It was a weird thought, Nic gone, just me and Syeira left.


The Prince told me I should meet the new Brujah elder, too. He was at the elysium. Wasn’t hard to miss him when we walked out of the Prince’s office and into the elysium. Tall black guy who came on over to greet us and give us ‘soma’; drugs to keep the masses under control. He looked like he’d had a good deal of it. Kept going on about praising stuff and the greatness of soma.

When I asked if he had some sort of basis, he gave me a flyer of a church, which also doubled as – surprise – a hospital and such. Handpicked by the Prince himself, I wondered, or does the Order of the Rose run so much deeper than I thought?

Well, whatever. He went off with Theo & Leo, and me and Syeira were left behind at the elysium. Chatted some with Elessar (well, mostly Syeira, who seems really fond of him). It hadn’t been that busy a night, but with Nic gone, it took some time getting used to not being dragged left & right.

Volgende sessie: Vrijdag 21 februari



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