Apeldoorn by night

Sessie 12 (Jan 17, 2012)

Sessie 12

IRL datum: 24 Januari 2014
IG datum: 17 januari 2012
Aanwezig: Harm-Jan (GM), Iris (Ollivandra), Noor (Syeira), Eelco (Nicolas)
Geschreven door: Ollivandra Veenstra (Iris)

Tough learner

One of the first unfortunate things I found out about Nic when he came to is that he’s a tough learner. Didn’t really seem to think any different about himself, or his role in the coterie and in life. Maybe we should’ve poured some of our blood in there, but what difference would it’ve made? I’m not sure if lovepuppy Nic would’ve been any better than Nicolarse. Maybe worse.

When I told him about the brujah elder position he instantly asked if it was nothing for me. Typical. He things he can pull my strings, that’s why he wants me to be elder. For him, certainly not for me.

Nic went on about how this was all part of his plans, of course, and how he’d gotten blood from Arie (the Ravnos elder), but also from Dana and the Toreador elder. Interesting, of course, but not sure if it was interesting enough to warrant the rearrangement of, amongst others, his face.


I shared with Nic that Lisa’d said she would help us with our plan if we came up with a good one, regarding Ninna. Nic, of course, had some brilliant ones: Like him going over there and saying he was hated by the camarilla and that he’d defect to the sabbat, or some crazy stuff like that. It seemed crazy at first, but I figured that if Ninna still cared, maybe I’d be able to come up with something along the lines of ‘he needs a place to go’; but I’m not sure she’d fall for that as a getting-back-together-thing. Even if she’d believe it – well, it sort of is true, anyway – she might think I only wanted her back to help Nic.

Another idea was for me to go to Deventer and be smoochy with him to make her jealous, and make her want to take him from me. But who’d buy that? It’d probably make more sense to do that with Syeira… But I wasn’t sure what’d happen from thereon, I mean, beside getting Ninna’s attention. There was a chance Syeira could go undercover, but also a chance that Syeira and me would be found in thirty separate pieces, if at all.

We decided to share the plans with Arie, the Ravnos elder, and check what he thought about it, and about helping us out.

Information plaza

Since it turned out Syeira had the information about Elessar and the werewolves (his sister’s one), we decided to pop by the Nosferatu first. I wanted to know about that bet on my life, anyway, if it was cleared by now or not; I mean, Rogier and his bunch of fake Brujah hadn’t seemed that big a threat to me, personally… Even though I’d stayed clear of them. Turned out that was the cause though; still, was good to know.

Couldn’t figure out what Anton thought of the information regarding the werewolves. Syeira even had a name. We asked if he could check out who sent a message on my phone, and he took my phone to have it checked out. Gave us a spare two hours that we could fill with visiting the Ravnos. Needless to say, Nic was a pompous arse at the Nozzies. Still thinks he’s got some respect. I realised then that that would probably never change.

The Ravnos & the challenge

We visited the Ravnos and spoke to Arie in private. We explained our thoughts about confronting Ninna, explained how we got where we were. He was surprised when I said that I’d picked up Ninna was the Bishop’s favourite pet, he said that he thought someone else lead the project Genesis, a woman. Sounded like a link between the Bishop and Ninna.

I held my tongue a little, let Syeira do the talking, because she’d asked me to. She needed to shut Nic up first, of course, even though she’d asked him, too.

We explained our plans. The Ravnos suggested going to the Toreador for help, which was a little annoying considering the fact that Nic’d begged us to go there about fifteen times up until now. Fair enough.

Arie seemed to know all about what happened to Nic. When Nic asked him about it, he showed showed us a flyer. It had Nic on it, and his kids, and said to place bets for who’d win between the two — bets arranged by the Nosferatu. Nic couldn’t see it, sadly, but he guessed correctly that it was about his children. He’d see them two days from now, that’s when a fight’d take place.

Fight club

Arie explained that we couldn’t tell anyone he had showed us this and told us this, because the organisation only sent this to individuals who’d proven themselves and the rules were like those in the movie Fight Club. You don’t talk about it, especially not with outsiders.

I was curious how one would prove themselves for this. Nic asked about symbols on the flyer and when we explained them to him he said that I’d already proven myself. Arie confirmed this and said that I could contact him if I wanted to go there sometime. Then we headed off.

Manipulating a frightened little ghost, really?

On our way back to the Nosferatu, Nic asked to stop at the house with the ghosts in it. He’d never fixed that. Annabel showed up, and Nic promised to help her chase away the scary red man if she’d help him get through the challenge with his kids. She agreed to this.

(and then we continue on our way to the nosferatu, where we are now)

Volgende sessie: Vrijdag 7 februari



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