Apeldoorn by night

Sessie 11 (Jan 16 - 17)

Sessie 11

IRL datum: 27 december 2013
IG datum: 16 + 17 januari 2012
Aanwezig: Harm-Jan (GM), Iris (Ollivandra), Noor (Syeira), Eelco (Nicolas)
Geschreven door: Ollivandra Veenstra (Iris)

Pyjama party

Nicolas stayed at the chantry, and he was going to look some more stuff up today. Me and Syeira stayed at her place. I’ve been delaying getting a home of my own, because with this war that’s being waged, doesn’t seem like a great time to buy property. Seems like a good idea to keep the ties short to the people I actually somewhat trust anyway, though.

Would’ve loved to look up some stuff on the internet, but we don’t have a new computer yet. Syeira phoned Dana while I considered what to do. I didn’t feel overly safe going out for a stroll on the street alone right now, though, so asking the Nosferatu who’d sent me the hatemail would have to wait.

Socialising are hard

I decided to go down to the elysium. Syeira dropped me off there while she went to see Dana. Don’t know why she bothers with that bitch.

When I entered the elysium I saw Lisa and Malk elder Sebastiaan having a discussion. Lisa said that Sebastiaan’d be crazy to go through with it and stay here. I felt hideously awkward approaching them after my failure to capture Lisa’s interest the other day, but walked up to them anyway.

It turned out Lisa was leaving Apeldoorn for a week to report to some sort of justicar headquarters they have. I asked if she knew anything about my parents, and that Ninna had said she’d seen my parents several years ago. I stayed casual, didn’t show that I cared. Lisa said they’d gone into witness protection 3 or so years back — I wondered if it was because of Ninna, or if Ninna’d found out where they were after — but she didn’t remember the exact reason. Something did happen, and she told me to speak to the Prince about it. He’d know more.

I decided to just breach the subject on Ninna while we were already somewhat on the subject. Last time I tried to hint that taking her out might work, and Lisa just laughed and joked about it. I told Lisa that I knew Ninna still cared about me, and that we wanted to find a way to hurt her using that. Lisa seemed to feel something for this plan. She said that we should come up with a plan and tell her about it, and she’d help us. I was relieved. Of all the kindred in Apeldoorn, she was one of the few I still trusted to be a true camarilla.

Lisa said that she thought I should take more leadership in my coterie, because people thought Nicolas was in charge. I shrugged. Said me and Syeira knew the truth. He’s not in charge. And if people think he is, well, at least they’d pummel him up for the shit he does. I figured it wouldn’t be long before Nic’d dig his own grave anyway, and everyone’d see what a cock-up he is. Lisa seemed to sort-of half-agree with me; she said that it was true that it could be good to have a scapegoat. Not entirely sure I’d want to be put down for all the shit Nic does anyway; standing here chatting with Sebastiaan standing next to us was enough proof of that considering what Nic’d done to his second in command.

She also mentioned that they were getting Brujah out of hiding now that Rogier and his were gone. Would be about seven, I think she said, in total. She mentioned they were looking for a new Elder. Didn’t appeal to me instantly — well, of course the thought of the position did, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d even be ready. I suppose I’ll have to figure out who else is around. If they seem more, or less, competent. If I’d stand a chance at all. I looked at Theo and Leo. Heh. We’d have to see what the rest were like.

Nic’s in trouble… big surprise.

Syeira entered the elysium and joined us. I’d asked Lisa what she thought of the princess running around and if she knew why the princess was so important to Apeldoorn. Lisa shrugged, said she didn’t know much about it, but that we’d be able to find more about it in history books about the city. She also suggested we’d look into Grimaldi information. Texted Nic about it.

I don’t remember how we got to the subject, but we were discussing Nicolas. I think Sebastiaan said something about it. Sounded like a threat to revenge. That he’d made a deal with the Gangrel, about Nicolas, and about his running amock kids. Syeira diplomatically asked him to cut Nicolas some slack, and that she knew he was a dumbass. Sebastiaan grinned. He said he was cutting him slack by telling us about it now.

Syeira went off to phone Nicolas about this (and he decided he’d go look for the Gangrel elder, instead of think of ways to survive). Then we said good-bye to Lisa and Sebastiaan. Lisa was leaving tomorrow, and she’d be back in a week, so we had some time to come up with a good plan regarding Ninna.

Gift-wrapped revenge

Me and Syeira went to her home. The doorbell rang. We opened the door; there was a wooden crate standing there. Someone ran away, but we didn’t see who or what it was. We took a peek in the crate; a golden vase with blood in it. So we decided to take it inside, since at least it wasn’t some sort of bomb.

Inside the crate it said ‘Nicolas’. We looked at the blood. Sniffed it. Smelled like, well, blood. I took a kitchen glove and reached into it, since it looked as though something was in the vase. I took out a beating heart. Oh, joy. It had hieroglyphs in it. I put it back. Syeira texted Nic.

Another package arrived. Same story. Except this time it was a tongue. Yugh. I decided to phone Nicolas, but he didn’t answer. Typical. I left a pissed off voicemail message.

Two more packages arrived, with eyeballs in them. Syeira was beginning to get impatient now too and phoned him as well. We got a message under the door to pick up a package at an address. We decided we might as well go there, since Nicolas wasn’t back yet and wasn’t answering his messages anyway, so we got in the car.

The package was huge. No wonder they refused to drop it off at Syeira’s doorstep. We put it in the car and took a peek inside. …. Lovely. A body. In the place of the heart there was something else. I was beginning to connect the dots, but decided it’d be best to go home first and figure this out over there. I carried the box up to Syeira’s apartment and once inside we could finally put it somewhere and look into it further (even though the thought of doing so was very unappealing).

I started off by taking the picture from the heart. Ah… So that’s where his cock went. There was a picture of what looked to be his “kids” chomping away on it. Okay, it was kind of funny. I kept it. For if he’d ever be somewhat “alive” again, or as a keepsake.

Arts & Crafts

I didn’t have a clue how we’d go about putting him together again. I figured putting in the heart first was the best idea. Syeira said we shouldn’t put the heart in, but first gather lots and lots of blood. I considered giving him my own… But what’d be the point? He was annoying enough without being in love with me anyway. Seemed that Syeira felt the same.

I suggested the blood bank, because on the news we’d seen that all the blood banks and hospitals had been taken over by the Order of the Rose. Syeira phoned her elder Arie about it, to ask him how to go about getting blood there. Arie said he’d help us to the right amount of blood and deliver it the next night, but in return he’d want a major boon from Nicolas. Well, he was collecting those, anyway, so it was an easy ‘yes’ to give.

The next night Arie showed up with the promised blood. We didn’t exchange many words — didn’t know him that well, anyway — took the blood inside, and started to fix Nic up. Syeira seemed to know just what to do. Poor the blood in at the heart, then start putting him together. He looked ugly when it was done — stitches everywhere, some bumps where they weren’t before, and holes in places that had bumps before — but he opened his eyes and he was back, just like that.

I showed him the picture of his cock being chomped away. But he said he couldn’t see anything… Such a shame. Me and Syeira laughed at him a lot. Nicolas said that what had been done to him was some kind of egyptian ritual (or something like that), to punish those that had seen and/or said too much. Also used for rapists or murderers or something like that. He said he’d tried to rip the Alice in Wonderland book out of his elder’s hands to try and get her to change into her alter ego. So smart. Guess he forgot she wasn’t just a frail little girl, but a Tremere and therefore a mage, too. He said it had to be because of the seeing-and-hearing part, but I reckoned it had a big deal to do with the whole rapist-and-murderer part, on account of his elder and the Malk elder’s second-in-command.

We yelled at Nic for taking away our source of information. Nic said that he’d just go back to the chantry with no problems. Me and Syeira laughed a lot at all of his stupid shit, but I think that we both felt like crying, too. The chantry’s books were an important source of information, and one we wouldn’t be getting back anytime soon…

Volgende sessie: Zaterdag 11 januari (time TBD)



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