Apeldoorn by night

Sessie 10 (Jan 15, 2012)

Sessie 10

IRL datum: 13 december 2013
IG datum: 15 januari 2012
Aanwezig: Harm-Jan (GM), Iris (Ollivandra), Noor (Syeira), Eelco (Nicolas)
Geschreven door: Ollivandra Veenstra (Iris)


I woke up to Syeira trying to help armless Nic into his clothes. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Didn’t help with the whole getting out of the coffin thing. I looked at my phone. Wanted to know if Ninna’d sent anything. I don’t even know why I thought she might’ve. All I found was hatemail. Someone saying they’d get me for hurting their daughter. I thought of the two monstrous ghoulthings last night and shuddered a little. Luckily Nic and Syeira were too busy with their own little dance to notice anyway.


I shared my thoughts about revenge with Syeira and Nicolas. Nic had forgotten all about inciting vengeful feelings, absorbed into his own reality as always. I told them that maybe we could use Ninna to get to that Bishop, because Anton had said that she was his ‘favourite pet’.

I’d expected Syeira to hit the breaks, to grab my arms and shake me, to tell me ‘no’ about a hundred times in various tones — ranging from angrily forbidding to panicked squeaky — to tell me to just get over it and forget her, and focus on our local problems… I’d expected her to do any or all of those things, but I didn’t expect her to say she thought it was a great plan.

I said that we should get someone in on it. Someone strong, who’d be able to hold her down some way. Syeira said Ninna still had feelings for me. My heart wrenched, but my resolve remained. They considered asking the Prince. I wasn’t sure. Still don’t trust the SOB, but then again, I don’t really trust anyone further than I can throw ‘em right now beyond the coterie. Considering how far I can throw most, that’s probably still a bit of a stretch.

Order of the Rose & stuff

We watched the news. Stuff was burned in Deventer; industrial stuff, so I figured that’s what Lisa meant when she said they’d hurt their resources. Probably weapons or something. There was an advertisement of the Order of the Rose on the TV. It creeped the hell out of me. Something about building towards a perfect world didn’t seem right to me. I’d finally grown to accept that maybe the masquerade wasn’t so bad (because I’ll admit, taking my rightful place above all these weak sucker humans seemed like a pretty good plan at first, but not if it involves barbed wire), and then the Prince himself seems to be advertising to create some sort of super society, army, or whatnot. I have no idea what to think about it.

Syeira and Nic didn’t seem half as twitchy about it as me — or maybe they were just good at hiding it — so we decided to head on out to the elysium. We decided not to ask the Prince just yet, though, or at least do some research before asking anyone at all. Nic’d head to the Chantry to see what he could find there, and me and Syeira went down to the elysium.

Wait… What?

Syeira had her daily chit-chat with Elessar when we came in, and then asked him where we could find archives. We went straight there, looking if we could find stuff about the Lasombra.

Syeira found an archive about Ninna pretty quickly. It was strange reading about her like this, but it was even stranger when my name was in the file. They knew. Somehow I’d never really thought that was a possibility. Running aground in Amersfoort and getting a lift from the **** that got me in the forest in the first place was all a coincidence. Maybe Lisa was following me for a longer time and was waiting for the right time; I always thought it was just a coincidence.

There were pictures of me as a child. It was really weird seeing those. It felt so far away from me, my mortal life, even though it was beginning to play a bigger and bigger part in my life. I felt betrayed by Lisa, just as I’d gotten over the grudge I’d held all these years that she had taken me away from Ninna. It turned out that instead of my saviour, she was just another person using me as a pawn in their mindgames. Her name was on the file. I told Syeira about it, that it was my sire working on this. Good thing she was around, made me feel less like punching things.

Lisa was around. Even after what I’d just found out, I figured at least it meant she could help us with our plans. I sure as hell can throw her further than the Prince, and at least I figured that a justicar was a pretty hardy camarilla. And that’s what I needed right now.

Lisa introduced the two guys she was with, two bulky, bouldery guys called Theo and Leo. More Brujah.

I asked Lisa why she’d never told me about Ninna. She said she wanted to see if I was smart enough to figure out by myself. More games. Well, I was. Smart enough. Queue awkward silence. I asked why the Toreador weren’t helping yesterday, to attack the Sabbat. Ninna shrugged and said they just weren’t. Syeira said, “They’re a part of the camarilla, aren’t they?” but that didn’t really give much of a reply either. Lisa knew how this works. Information doesn’t come for free.

So she said something about how the Sabbat wanted a perfect place, and how there were still people in Apeldoorn who believed that place’d come too. I thought we’d just weeded out most of the baddies… “Shows what you know,” the bitch said.

I was beginning to feel more like punching something, and since we were at the elysium, I decided not to argue too much. I did feel let down, because I’d wanted to share my information with Lisa and ask her to help us with bringing down Ninna and maybe finding out more about the Bishop, the Sabbat, whatever. But when I tried to tell her that Ninna might be the key to stuff, all she said was that I could always try to get her to our side. No serious replies at all.

Nic sent a text. Told us we should ask the Nosferatu if they could trace who’d sent the text message. Oh, right, people want me dead, too. Nothing new. After what Lisa said, I was beginning to wonder if the threat towards me was even weeded out entirely. Rogier never seemed that big of a threat — to me, anyway. Of course, them being Nosferatu, it could’ve been about Ninna, or the truck incident, or anything else… We just walked in and read the file, after all. Probably everyone in the whole city but me knew about what’s in there.

I don’t like it when others know more about me than me. I don’t like that we have no one to trust, but we can’t take Ninna on alone. It feels like we’ve got no choice but to burn some bridges and chuck information at others first, not knowing if they’ll let us rot in some Sabbat dungeon because they GTFO’d when we needed them.

Volgende sessie: Vrijdag 27 December



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