Welcome to the Campaign Apeldoorn By Night using the V20 rules version for Vampire: The Masquerade.

Most of the info on the site will be in English, although some will be in Dutch as well

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A short Intro

Januari 1st, 2012. Four individuals arrive in the city of Apeldoorn. The unofficial capitol of the woodland area known as “De Veluwe”, the city and it surroundings have long been steeped in paranormal mystery. Rumors whisper of ancient tribal burial grounds buried deep underneath the old buildings. Werewolves stalk the land unchecked bringing their more primitive cousins with them. Many people have dissapeared following the mysterious lights in the dark, never to be heared from again. Cursed souls of murdered women and witches, known locally as “witte wieven” drift through the misty streets while imps work their mischief.

The wind carries the sobbing cries of a young elfen princess, taken capture by a cruel dwarf and chained with cold steel under the hills for all eternity. Not far from there blood spews from an ancient well as the tortured soul of a drowned murderer once again tries to escape his prison.

Nearby a family long deceased sets the table knowing that at the end of the night they will once again have murdered each other. In a nearby castle the ghost of the robber baron leaves the dungeon to hunt in the night once more with his companions. In the woods that he once thought his the Faerie’s hould their courts and go out into the land to play their tricks on unsuspecting mortals.

In hidden cellars mages and scolars meet, casting their spells and drawing their plans. The secret societies swear their bloodoaths while they damn the world. Meanwhile devils hitch rides on boats in nearby harbortown Harderwijk while giants sleep in their cabins under the hills.

The old palaceguards watch over all this silently for there is nothing they can do. All they can do is hope for the dawn when the creatures of shadow will once again withdraw into their crypts. For at dawn the city will once again waken. A city with a normal industry, where several years ago a maniac in a car tried to kill the visiting Royal family, his motivation a mystery to this day.

The only beacon of light in this dark night shines from the Area known as the “Dutch Bible Belt.” Here zealous believers keep their faith alive and fight against the darkness and change itself. Who knows what hunters walk amongst them?

All of this happens even without the influence of the Kindred. Long has it been whispered that they had a hand in creating the city, being drawn to the strong supernatural energies of the area. In the night they play their deadly games. The Ventrue created the city and rule it still, guarding all of it’s and their dark secrets.

The Malkavians dominate the market in illegal substances with their gang of zealous skinheads, “enlightening” the people with their magic pills, which the Nosferatu pander to the unfortunate roaming the streets. Every weekend the alcohol flows freely while the Brujah brawl in the local bars of the Katerplein, literally meaning “hung-over square”. The Tremere have starting coming back to the area now that an old Chantry has been rediscovered in the woods, an old pact binding them to the Gangrel prowling the area.

Clan Toreader has it’s own secret scheme’s, rarely appearing in public except during the Festival of the moon. This festival of all undead sins and senses takes place once a month in the woods. Blood flows freely and although all go for the feast, not all leave the festival grounds. Some try their luck at the Oracle, few leave unscathed. The Ravnos ply their trade on this market as well, although all are silent when a mysterious lady in red starts singing. Not even the Garou dare disturb this gathering.

Meanwhile the Sabbat send their warpacks from nearby Deventer, just on the other side of the river. These incursions have become more frequent, leading to the loss of Kindred and the need for new recruitments. How fortunate you seem to be in the area, how fortunate indeed…

Apeldoorn by night

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